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Netmind will attend at the DASA Meetup in Madrid

Netmind will attend at the DASA Meetup in Madrid


Netmind will attend to the next DASA Meetup, which will take place on May 31 in Madrid!

DASA Meetup in Madrid

DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA) is an open community whose purpose is to promote knowledge about the principles, methodologies and practices that foster collaboration, communication, integration and automation of workflow among IT development teams and operations.


Angel Rayo will be attending this meeting in behalf of Netmind. He will be presenting Netmind to the DASA community. Angel Rayo is a Lead Expert in Technology in Netmind as well as in Bit Computer Training by Netmind, our specialized branch of technology courses. We look forward to share knowledge in our professional experiences managing DASA principles and practices in the Spanish market. Moreover, this will be a perfect occasion to strengthen our partnership and to increase our knowledge in an event filled with interesting novelties of the DASA’s latest cases, certifications and standards.


This DASA Meetup is packed with case studies of organizations using DASA to fuel their DevOps transformation. First, we will receive an update from the DASA organization and how the organizations are working with DASA  to build the right culture, knowledge and skills. We will obtain information about the current and future DASA curriculum. We will see some announcements about new certifications that are being introduced in the market. In addition, we will be able to look into how the global DevOps market is exploding.



We will spend time to look at DASA’s DevOps Competence scan. The scan has become a de-facto standard for DevOps teams. DASA recently introduced a DASA quickscan. With this scan individuals can assess their current DevOps fingerprint. This can be very interesting to use (free of charge) in our own projects.


DASA case studies from various Banks, Telco’s around the world will give us insights into their DevOps journeys and how they trained and transformed their teams. Similar events of DASA Connect took place in Rotterdam, New Delhi, Bangalore, Miami and Paris.


DASA has requested our attendance to the event in order to have Spanish speaking experts to provide some insights into their DevOps adoption. These sessions will be in Spanish.



DevOps represents the most significant opportunity in the training and consulting industry and DASA has become the leading DevOps certification body, now supported by 280 organizations. In only 24 months DASA and its Devops competence model has proven to be a key guiding instrument for many organizations around the globe.


Netmind is one of the driving members of the association (DASA Forerunner), and an official training center. At Netmind there are available the first official course of DASA, DevOps Fundamentals and the DevOps Practitioner specialization course, and our attendance at this event will help us to continue growing in this aspect.


We will continue informing about the event and if you want to attend, do not hesitate to ask us for information!