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In Netmind we reopen the doors to an Agile Open Space

In Netmind we reopen the doors to an Agile Open Space


Once again, at Netmind we open our doors for the realization of an Open Space, organized by Agile Barcelona.

For those who have never attended an Open Space event, it is an open conference format, where there is no fixed agenda, as it is generated and defined among all attendees to the event.

Anyone can suggest every single session, whether it is a dominated by a certain topic or anything else from which they would like to learn more. Any format is accepted, and sessions can be proposed regardless of it, making possible anything from a technical session, a debate or even a masterclass.

At the beginning of the day, the agenda is constructed with the proposals of the attendees.

If you are curious, our lead expert Miquel Rodriguez deepens into the concept of Open Spaces more extensively in a previous article.

About Agile Open Space

Why should I attend? Attending an Open Space may be a great opportunity for you. It is a practical event where you can exchange experiences and meet new people with your same interests. Also, is a fantastic way to learn about agile methodologies and improve your network !




How much does it cost? Nothing at all! All community’s activities are non-profit making, totally free of charge.


When will it take place? The event will last the whole day of Saturday, from 9:30h to 18:00h.


Can I make a contribution? Yes, of course. We don’t work well without caffeine or tea and cookies! If you could bring us as a contribution any food in general is welcome. If you wish to help out, please mention in the list (you can find it here) what you can bring. There will be a break scheduled at noon for lunch, and there are enough bars and restaurants in the area to feed us all. But there will not be a coffee break scheduled, everyone will decide when they need a break.

Everything will be welcome! In this way, everybody will be able to enjoy a snack through all the day.

Besides from coffee, all you need is the willingness to learn, share experiences and have fun!!



Where is it going to take place? At Netmind facilities, on C/ dels Almogàvers 123, in Barcelona.


This event will be held in English. It doesn’t mean your session “has to be” in English. If you feel more comfortable in Spanish and you think English could be a barrier to communication, don´t give up and let´s try if not just do it with your own language!


We like to share. That is so simple. We are eager to see each other, talk, exchange opinions, learn from each other and building our community. Through our experience, there is no better way that an Open Space, so come over and join us at our event!


In this edition, we have prepared something special and different, and we want to surprise you!

This Saturday is your opportunity. Live it and share it!

Would you like to join us? Join and confirm your assistance