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SAFe Advanced Scrum Master

SAFe Advanced Scrum Master

In this one day course you will learn the critical skills required to create high performance teams.

SAFe Advanced Scrum Master can be delivered as part of an SAFe ART or independently to Scrum Masters who wish to build their skills in an enterprise context.


Upon completion of the SAFe Advanced ScrumMaster training, the participant will be able to:

  • Build high performance teams, and the concepts of forming, storming, norming and performing
  • Act as an Advanced Scrum Master and manage high performance teams
  • Apply the basic concepts of an Advanced Scrum Master, including the Advanced Scrum Master as a Servant Leader and how to coach your team
  • Form teams with insights on team structure, team purpose, and how Scrum ceremonies foster collaboration
  • Avoid roadblocks by learning the five dysfunctions of a team

Perfil de los alumnos

The ideal participants are new teams in an enterprise agile adoption program or can be used to re-baseline existing Scrum teams as required for scaling.


Our team of highly qualified instructors combine training activities with the development of their profession as experts in the field of IT. Professionals certified by the major manufacturers capable of transferring an enjoyable and easy to understand technical concepts more abstract.


Every student receive a copy of netmind’s documentation.

Contenidos del SAFe Advanced Scrum Master

Section I: What is the role of an Advanced ScrumMaster in a team?
Advanced Scrum Master as servant leader, coach, and mentor

Section II: What is the most efficient process to build effective teams?

Forming a team by building an effective team structure, being an effective ScrumXP process shepherd, and fostering collaboration

Section III: How does the Advanced ScrumMaster help teams resolve conflict?

Guiding a “storming” team by surfacing and resolving conflict, dealing with individual performance, and fostering continuous improvement


Se emitirá Certificado de Asistencia sólo a los alumnos con una asistencia superior al 75% y Diploma aprovechamiento si superan también la prueba de evaluación.

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