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Desarrollo de Apps para iOS 9 con Swift 2

Desarrollo de Apps para iOS 9 con Swift 2

Welcome to this new version of the iOS 9 fundamentals training course. This version has been specifically updated to use Swift.

Every lab will use the Swift programming language. During this 5 day Swift development course you will learn to use the iOS SDK, Xcode, and Interface Builder to develop native iPhone and iPad applications. Following this course you will be able to take the Amsys Certification in Development using Swift exam.

Our rapidly-paced, hands-on courses will get you comfortable quickly with the language, the tools, and the frameworks while giving you deep insights into their underlying mechanisms.

All our development courses are taught by developers who have developed real world applications.

This course has been updated for iOS 9 and Xcode 7.

Requisitos previos

This is an intermediate course so you will be expected to have some experience prior to attending. As a guide, to take this course, you should:

  • Have some entry-level experience of working with Swift or Swift 2
  • Have successfully completed our Beginning Swift Development course
  • Be able to read most of the agenda and understand the terminology

If you’re in any doubt about your suitability for this course, please call our training pros on 020 8645 5806 who will be pleased to discuss your training needs in more detail.

Contenidos del Desarrollo de Apps para iOS 9 con Swift 2

  • Craft native iPhone applications
  • Anatomy of an Application: Understand what makes up an iOS application, including how it runs, resources it has access to and the sandboxed environment it runs under
  • Model View Controller: Understand the principal design architecture of an iOS application, the model, view, controller
  • Basic Interaction: Learn how to build a very simple application that interacts with buttons and text fields
  • UI Controls: Understand how to use other control methods such as sliders, text fields, segments, switches, actions sheets and alerts
  • Scrolling: Learn how to create scrollable areas within your application, including the ability to scroll images, zoom images and page between a series of images
  • Views: Understand how views work and behave. Learn how to swap views to create dynamic applications
  • iOS 7 to iOS 9: Learn how to design apps that will run on iOS 7 to iOS 9
  • Navigation Controllers: Learn how to create multi-level apps that lets you navigate through your data through a series of more detailed views
  • Pickers: Pickers are views that presents the user with a set of rotating wheels to allow them to select a value from a list
  • Tables: Learn how to create and populate tables to represent data sets. Learn how to customise the view of the tables and cells
  • Tab Bars: Learn how to create Tab Bars for utility style applications
  • Persistence: Learn how to save data to xml files on the local file system. Useful to save user date or preference for the app itself
  • RSS and json: Learn how to access an RSS and json feed from a web server
  • Auto Layout: Learn how to use auto layout to make you app work with different size screens or handle rotation
  • Class Sizes: Learn how to use size classes to build user interfaces that adapt to any screen size
  • Split View Controllers: Learn how to utilise split view controllers introduced with the iPad
  • Stack Views: Learn how to utilise stack views to help make layout of your views simpler and more versatile
  • UIWeb Views: Learn how to display live dynamic web pages directly in your application
  • Storyboards: Learn how to use the latest feature of iOS 7 to prototype you applications views and navigation
  • Collection Views: Learn how to utilise collections views to create grid like applications
  • Local Notifications: Learn how to schedule and respond to local notifications
  • MapKit: Learn how to display maps, navigate to certain locations and drop pins as markers
  • Gestures: Learn how add gestures to your apps to make them more dynamic
  • Physics Engine: Learn how add custom physic effects to your app to make a more dynamic interface


There is an iOS certification available when you take this course:

  • Take the Beginning Swift Development course and pass the exam to gain your Amsys Certification in Swift
  • Take the iOS App Development The Fundamentals with Swift course and pass the exam to gain your Amsys Certification in Swift Development, which will verify your ability to develop iOS apps using the Swift language to an elementary level


Se emitirá Certificado de Asistencia sólo a los alumnos con una asistencia superior al 75% y Diploma aprovechamiento si superan también la prueba de evaluación.

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