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APMG Change Management Foundation & Practitioner

APMG Change Management Foundation & Practitioner

Change Management is all of the actions taken to structure how we move from one state of being to another. These actions involve a wide range of interpersonal skills such as communication skills, influencing and persuading skills. In addition, a competent Change Manager has to possess the ability to break the change into all of the activities that need to happen, and prioritise and resource them.

Change Management is not the same as Project Management. Project management is a process by which a deliverable (something new or updated) is created and making sure the new product is delivered on time, on budget and to the right level of quality. Change Management is about using interpersonal skills to persuade others to use what has been created, and embedding the use of the deliverable into the way people work.



  • Define what change means in a work environment and examine its impact on individuals, teams and the organisation as a whole
  • Understand the principles of change management, and how they are applied when delivering change programmes
  • Describe the impact of change on individual and team productivity
  • Analyse how organisations with different cultures and values are affected by change
  • Consider various models of organisational change and appreciate the advantages and disadvantages of each
  • Specify how to apply Change Management approaches and techniques to the management of change within your organisation
  • Exam techniques to help you focus on and pass the examinations

Perfil de los alumnos

The Foundation level is for anyone who wants a sound understanding of Change Management principles and practices. It is ideal for those wanting formal and structured learning in Change Management. On completion, you will be ready to sit the APMG Change Management Foundation exam.

Practitioner level is for anyone with Foundation level knowledge who wants to gain practicing level capability and attain the full certification. It is ideal for those who lead, manage or contribute to the facilitation of change within an organisation. On completion, you will be ready to sit the APMG Change Management Practitioner exam.

Course attendance is suitable for all Change Management roles and Project Managers, Business/Process Analysts, Team Leaders/Supervisors, Senior Managers, IT Professionals and HR Professionals.

40 PDUs from the Project Management Institute are obtained for attendance at this course.

Requisitos previos

There are no formal prerequisites for the Foundation course.
To undertake the Practitioner course requires successful completion of the Foundation course.


A copy of the official documentation.


Contenidos del APMG Change Management Foundation & Practitioner

Foundation Course

1. Individual Change

1.1 The learning process

1.2 The four approaches to individual change

2. Managing Resistance

2.1 Survival anxiety

2.2 Learning anxiety

3. Team Change

3.1 Types of organisational teams

3.2 Team dynamics and change

4. Organisational Change

4.1 Organisational Metaphors

4.2 Models and approaches to Organisational Change

5. Leading Change

5.1 Types of leadership

5.2 Roles that Leaders play

Practitioner Course

6. Supporting Individuals Through Change

6.1 Coaching

6.2 Active Listening

6.3 Feedback loops

7. Facilitating Teams Through Change

7.1 Team Behaviours

7.2 Facilitation behaviours

7.3 Action Learning and team leader

8. Changing Organisations

8.1 When Change goes wrong

8.2 When Change goes right

8.3 Getting Ready for Change

9. Strategic Change Process

9.1 Strategic Change Process

9.2 Tools that support Complex Change

10. Leading Change

10.1 Leadership Phase by Phase

10.2 Stakeholder Engagement

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